Welcome to the website of the Fourth International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity. The conference will take place in the German city of Leipzig from September 2-6, 2014.
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    What makes the Degrowth-Conference special?

    We are trying to organize a conference which corresponds to the idea of degrowth. But what does that actually mean? Find out here!
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    We had a debate about what "degrowth" means to us within the organizing group of the conference. Here you can read what we agreed on.
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The focus of the 2014 conference is on concrete steps towards a society beyond the imperative of economic growth. The conference will give room for scientific debates, exchange between activists and economic pioneers as well as artistic approaches to the subject. Both scientific insights and concrete projects and policies will be presented, experimented with and discussed. It is part of an international cycle of events: so far, there have been conferences on degrowth in Paris 2008, in Barcelona 2010 and in Venice and Montreal 2012.

Why degrowth?

Many analyses from various scientific disciplines imply that a growth-based economic and social system cannot have a future: Despite a growing number of technological solutions for “Green Growth”, inequality and the destruction of nature are significantly on the rise. It is high time to develop economic and social models that are independent of growth and can provide for a good life for everybody.